Zim Chamber Of Mines Expects Production Boost In The Second Quota Of 2021

Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines says they are expecting a boost in the mining sector in the second quota of 2021.

Addressing the media during an annual press conference that was held in Harare today,  Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines President, Mrs Elizabeth Nerwande admitted that the mining sector was hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic last year and the first quota of this year but she however insisted that the sector was now looking forward to positive trajectory on the second quota of the year.

“Last financial year was a very difficult one as you are aware cause we experienced this Covid-19 which we didn’t anticipate and it came as from March as you are all aware and it disturbed a lot of issues at local level as well as global level and we still have it with us up to now where a lot of unfolding events came up at very astounding speed.

” So it was not an easy time, the first quota of Covid really saw a deep in terms of production because everybody was trying to get used to what was happening but we started picking up and we hope that in 2021 we see a rise in production,” she said.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines CEO Mr Isaac Kwesu added that the mining sector was affected in the first quota but it was now on a recovery path.

“However despite the negative setback coming from the Covid, the environment in the last few months, the mining sector have equally responded and we are confident that we are going to realize a rebound in the second half of 2021 and recover the lost blunt and possibly have an overall positive growth,” he said.

Mr Isacc Kwesu also highlighted on the minerals that were heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in this current period.

“Capacity for Mining was heavily affected in the first quota, I tell you it was generally bleak as most minerals recorded deep price and output apart from Diamond and Coal, all other minerals recorded deep price in the first quota and the most affected were PGM’S, Gold, Nickel and Chrome,” he added.

Furthermore, the Chamber of mines President Mrs Elizabeth Nerwande promised that they were soon going hold a conference in Victoria falls and President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to attend the conference as well as the Minister of Mines, Hon Winston Chitando and other foreign delegates to discuss about various issues in regards to the mining sector.






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