Chiwenga Warns Private Sector Gaining From The Covid-19 Jab

Government has warned those who are charging a fee for Covid-19 jab in the private sector insisting that they should stop because the vaccination programme is a free exercise which is meant to benefit all Zimbabweans.

The warning comes after there were alleged claims that some private businesses were now charging a fee for  Covid-19 jabs an exercise which oppose the current government status that the Covid-19 vaccine should be distributed and given freely to all Zimbabweans.

Speaking at the re opening of Saint Anne’s Hospital in Harare yesterday, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga who is also the Minister of Health and Child Care reiterated that government remains vigilant in ensuring that all Zimbabweans who are willing to receive the vaccine are catered for whilst giving a stern warning to private players whom the government suspect that they are profiteering from the Covid-19 jab.

“I also wish to reiterate that government policy is that of of ensuring key vaccination for all citizens who are ready and willing to that end government takes a very dim view of actors in the private sector we hear are charging Zimbabweans for jabs.

“If they are not ready to participate in the vaccination program on terms and parameters set by the government they are advised to look elsewhere for profitable services not around vaccinations l repeat not around vaccination, vaccination is free it is a no go area for fortune hunter,”  said Dr Chiwenga.

The former Army General added it was wrong to seek payment from the Covid-19 vaccine because Covid-19 was a global health complication that was affecting the whole world hence to benefit from such a pandemic was unfortunate however Dr Chiwenga vowed that the government will continue to offer free Covid-19 vaccination jabs to all willing Zimbabweans.

“These morally deprived practitioners who seek to fish in troubled times not taking into account that Covid-19 is a global pandemic, it is a virus that is a matter of public concern and every Zimbabwean citizen is to receive free jab because life matters any life lost is not worthy it and it is our responsibility to make sure that when a pandemic of this nature strikes we save our people,” he added.

Zimbabwe has been committed to provide more vaccines, but the authorities say the vaccination process will not move fast as government would have wanted because of high global demand for vaccines.


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