ZERA Reduces Fuel Prices

The maximum price of diesel has fallen from US$1,32 to US$1,30 in the short term while petrol remains at US$1,33.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) said they are encouraging operators to charge prices lower than the capped prices depending on their trading advantages.

In a statement ZERA said they will continue with their favorable exercise which will ensure that their customers are protected from high pricing system of fuel in this current situation where the country is recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic..

“ZERA managed to accomplish this feat through an innovative and rigorous review of the price build up with the aim of achieving the least cost pump price for consumers.

“ZERA will continue with its mandate and efforts to protect consumers and minimise the increases in local fuel prices in the face of potential rising oil increases and increased worldwide demand for fuel, as Covid-19 restrictions ease and economies recover,” said ZERA.

ZERA  added that the demand for oil had increased following economic recoveries after most countries, including Zimbabwe, have rolled out Covid-19 vaccination programmes and implemented stimulus measures.

“However, there are still uncertainties associated with the Covid-19 pandemic that OPEC and other producing countries, led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, are only gradually producing more barrels of oil into a strengthening oil market, leaving the market in a persistent deficit.

“As a result, on the world market, there was a 3,50 percent increase in price of the International Benchmark, Brent crude oil, together with a 1,05 percent increase in petrol price and a 2,66 percent increase in the price of diesel,” added ZERA.

The fuel price decrease came after both industries and motorists have been disadvantaged with timeous increase of fuel prices hence it’s decrease is a welcome development for both the Zimbabwean economy and business.


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