14 Vaccinated People In Hurungwe Remain Fit After Testing Positive To Covid -19

A total of 14 vaccinated people have remained healthy without any Covid-19 symptoms after they tested positive for Covid-19 in Hurungwe.

The 14 positive cases are health personnel from Karoi and Chidamoyo Hospitals, however Karoi Hospital was the most hit recording 12 cases out of the 14 test conducted whilst Chidamoyo Hospital recorded two.

This comes after Covid-19 cases had increased in Hurungwe resulting in 48 people testing positive in just three days.

However those that tested positive are not showing any symptoms which is a positive sign that the vaccinations seem to be working to a high level as their immune systems have stopped the infection developing to the stage where symptoms appear.

The 14 health personals who showed no symptoms are a testimony of government’s continued efforts of acquiring more vaccines from different countries and if the exercise continue this will help Zimbabwe in attaining herd immunity and completely wipe away the Covid-19 in the country.

Meanwhile, medical authorities suspect that the significant rise of business activities in Karoi in which tobacco payments are being collected and spent, along with growing sloppiness in adhering to lockdown and safety rules, has a lot to do with the Covid-19 outbreak.

Nevertheless, Mashonaland West acting medical director, Dr Gift Masoja, confirmed the Hurungwe Covid-19 positive cases, adding that contact tracing had begun whilst urging the people of Hurungwe to continue following Covid-19 prevention measures so as to curb the further spread of the virus.

“We are conducting contact tracing to the positive cases, but as for the past three days, the district recorded 48 positive cases, including 14 health personnel.

“As we try to curtail the spread of the virus, I want to urge the public to continue adhering to the Covid-19 stipulated guidelines.

“The level of complacency, especially in Karoi and most rural areas is very high,” he said.

Dr Masoja agreed that there was a possibility that the cases might rise due to high activity in the town being occasioned by tobacco farmers who are selling their golden crop.

More so, the health practitioner also commented on the improvement that was being registered on the roll out programmes of vaccines in the province, with Hurungwe district being one of the top beneficiaries.

The rise of cases in Hurungwe comes in the wake of a jump in positive cases in Kwekwe, Midlands province which has seen the cabinet extending the localised lockdown by another two weeks to contain the virus.