Covid-19 Infections Likely To Delay Schools Reopening

Schools reopening is likely to be delayed as Covid-19 positive cases and deaths continue to multiply across the country.

The current situation is a stumbling block in the educational sector given the fact that pupils are supposed to be completing their second term school calendar.

Although the government yesterday said they were preparing for the reopening of schools, Covid-19 infections continue to rise and as of  yesterday Zimbabwe recorded 107 Covid-19 deaths and 1767 new cases hence it is almost difficult to reopen schools.

Addressing a post Cabinet briefing yesterday, Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Service Hon Monica Mutsvangwa urged parents to put in place Covid-19 preventive measures which will ensure that when schools reopen students will be safe from the pandemic.

“As the nation prepares for the reopening of schools, parents and guardians are expected to compliment government efforts to provide Personal Protective Equipment {PPE}, sanitisers and other essential requirements for learners.”

However, Progressive Teachers Union Of Zimbabwe [PTUZ}, secretary general Mr Raymond Majongwe reiterated that the government needs to put preventive measures in schools to make sure that when schools reopen teachers and students will be safe.

He added that it was risky to open schools without proper preparations against the Covid-19 pandemic as it would expose teachers and students to the virus.

“If we really want to address problems around Covid-19 we need to be cautious, we need to be professional, we need to make sure that we secure the lives of teachers and children because we have lost several teachers and several heads on this periods.

“So blindingly opening schools in a quick manner will mean more disaster for our people and for our families because a lot of teachers who are going to be coming back have been visiting their relatives in foreign countries as well the kids which means that there is a potential risk of having Covid-19 challenges,” he said.

Majongwe also added that despite the current Covid-19 challenges teachers remain adamant on the issue of their incapacitation. He urged the government to address the salary problem before schools opening to ensure that they won’t be teachers incapacitation when schools reopen.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe will remain under level four lock down which will enable acceleration of the vaccination drive. Fortunately the country will be receiving a further 1.5 million Sinopharm vaccines this Friday.

Last year schools reopening also delayed and they were opened in phases starting with exam classes hence the current Covid-19 situation across the country is likely to facilitate the government to delay the reopening of schools this year.






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