Rain Bearings To Cause Heavy Rains -MSD

The Meteorological Service Department {MSD} has informed the nation that the amount of rainfall which will be received by the country in the 2021 to 2022 season will emanate from the rain bearing systems.

Rain bearing systems is determined by weather characteristics such as the monsoon climate or rain bearing clouds among others.

A monsoon climate is characterized by a dramatic seasonal change in direction of the prevailing winds of a region which brings a marked change in rainfall. The monsoon climate can result in high annual rainfall totals exceeding 1.5m.

But Nimbus clouds are dark clouds as they carry a substantial quantity of water droplets. They come in union with other cloud forms that bring substantial precipitation.

In an interview with 263Times, MSD head of forecasting Mr James Ngoma said:

“The rainfall season has different rain-bearing systems that bring rain to Zimbabwe. They have different periods of activeness. Some last a few hour, some last a few day, some weeks or longer. This is the nature of the rains.

“Earlier this month the MSD warned of localised heavy rains in excess of 30 millimeters with lightning, strong winds and hailstorms in other parts of the country.” He said.

In their statement the met department said moisture was drifting into the country from Botswana through Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South.

“This, coupled with the high temperatures over much of the country, should result in thunderstorms which may be violent in places and be coupled with strong winds, lightning, hail and heavy rains in some places,” said the Met Department in a weather advisory.

Nevertheless, MSD also urged the public to follow weather updates for relevant information.


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