Harare Responds To Stands On Tarred Roads Dilemma

The Harare City Council has responded to the story that came out in the press in which they were accused of selling out stands in the middle of tarred roads in the high density suburb of Glen Norah arguing that they did nothing wrong since the roads were illegal.

The video showing the houses was released by comedian Timmy of the famous Timmy na Bonzo in which he described the incompetence of the Harare City Council, explaining how as a kid he used to pass by the road going from Glen Norah A to Chitubu shopping center.

The City Council however responded on social media saying the stands are legal but the roads were illegally put there 20 years ago.

“People need to get the facts right before going political on purely procedural matters. The stands are very legal. The road is the illegal structure. No one has been prejudiced. All have access to their properties. Delivering houses to the people.

“The road was put there 20 years ago as an illegal structure. The stands are properly surveyed and allocated lawfully.” Said the City council.

The building of the houses began early last month and most Glen Norah residents were arguing that they were not informed of the development.


Yeukai is a professional and experienced journalist, broadcaster & writer.

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