ED Endorses No Pay No Work Mantra For Teachers

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has endorsed a no work no pay mantra for all teachers across the country.

The President’s endorsement comes after teachers want the government to pay salaries in US Dollars.

Teachers want salaries to be pegged at US $540.

Speaking at youth commemorations in Harare yesterday, Mnangagwa said teachers who will not report for work will not receive their salaries.

“Teachers are teachers because they were taught, so if they were taught, they can’t deny to teach others. We will not agree, but when we sat with my team we planned to make teachers happy. We decided that those who go to work will be paid, whilst those who do not will not be paid,” he said.

Regardless of Mnangagwa’s sentiments, Citizens Coalition for Change {CCC} leader advocate Nelson Chamisa urged teachers to fight for their rights.

He said this in Highfields where CCC was launching its first by election rally.

“I know that teachers are struggling. Do you know that teachers are not searching for a lot of things. Teachers are saying they want to return to where Mugabe left them.

“Teachers are saying Mugabe gave us US$540 so return us where we were when Biti was the finance minister.

” Teachers are now beaten, they are taken as puppets of Chamisa. Chamisa is not hunger, he is a human being. If people are hungry, they have the right to say they are hungry.

“Teachers please protest. Don’t be threatened. You have to fight for your rights.

“When I become the president, you will return where Mugabe left you,” said Chamisa.

Meanwhile, teachers are on industrial action, a move they think will push the government to increase their salaries.

Government has remained adamant, insisting that paying teachers in the US dollar will erode the economy and the Zimbabwean currency.



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