“MDC Still In The Game”

MDC leader, Douglas Mwonzora has refused to throw in the towel and vows that his party is “not finished” and is preparing for what he termed victory at the 2023 general elections.

Mwonzora, whose party triggered the by-elections by recalling legislators and councilors that refused to recognize his leadership of the MDC T after the Supreme Court ruled to restore the party to its 2014 structures suffered a serious mauling at the polls, losing all the seats that the party once held to the newly formed CCC led by Nelson Chamisa.

In a press statement today, the embattled leader of Zimbabwe’s once mighty opposition party said he and his party had drawn lessons from the March 26 by-elections and would use these as they prepare for 2023.

“Few days have passed since the by elections which we participated in last month. In these elections, our party did not do well and this has naturally worried our members and supporters.

“Further our opponents have sought to try to portray our party as finished politically. This is not true, the efforts to sink our movement have failed in a spectacular fashion.

“Our opponents have tried to destroy our great movement. I am confident to announce that these efforts have been thwarted and the people’s movement remains intact and solid,” he said.

MDC performance on the recent by elections was worrisome as it not only failed to win a single parliamentary or council seat but failed to win a better vote at a single polling station.

At some polling stations the once mighty party would fail to get a single vote.
Meanwhile, political analysts have virtually written the party off, many holding the opinion that 2023 will be the final nail in its coffin.

However a defiant Mwonzora maintains that his party will win the 2023 elections and is rallying his troops for battle.



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