RBZ Cast Off Fake Twitter Accounts

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe {RBZ} has warned members of the public on the existence of fake Twitter accounts that impersonate the central bank.

Posting on its Twitter handle, RBZ urged members of the public to follow messages from the central bank’s official Twitter account so as to avoid inconveniences from Twitter scammers.

“The Bank has noticed with serious concern the abuse of social media and impersonation of the Bank’s brand by some individuals through fake Twitter accounts. Please note that the Bank’s Twitter handle is @ReserveBankZIM.

“We urge the public to ignore tweets via fake accounts given out as the Bank’s social media account.

“Mostly, parody accounts are created to tarnish the image of the rightful owner of the name,” said RBZ.

The RBZ is a national bank that provides financial and banking services for government and commercial banking system.


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