Malema Urges Zimbabwens In SA To Vote Zanu PF Out Of Power

South African opposition leader, Julius Malema yesterday pleaded with Zimbabweans living in South Africa to go home and vote in huge numbers in the upcoming 2023 general elections inorder to remove Zanu Pf from power.

Malema said Zimbabweans should not feel too comfortable in South Africa but should know that a prosperous Zimbabwe is a solution to the problems of South Africa.

Speaking at the Freedom Day celebrations in South Africa, Malema said ZANUPF has destroyed Zimbabwe, but Zimbabweans must help themselves by going home to vote!

“Zanu Pf has destroyed what was a promising land of Zimbabwe and they are currently clueless so the people of Zimbabwe we want to make a plea please when you are here in South Africa don’t worry you are at home but when they are elections at home, go there in your numbers, go there and remove that nonsense that is happening in Zimbabwe.

“You can not just fold your hands, the people of Zimbabwe must rise here in South Africa and go and vote for a proper government,” he said.

Zimbabwe will hold general elections next year.

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