Winky D & Jah Prayzer In “Major Bust Up At HICC”

Local music superstars Winky D and Jah Prayzer are reported to have had a major “fight’ at HICC on the night of the highly subscribed Redefined Concert that was held at the HICC on Saturday night.


Sources close to the event that say there was a major disagreement between the two rival artists, regarding who was to perform first. It’s reported that both artists wanted to each be the last act and close the show.


We understand that he original arrangement was that fast rising Zim dancehall sensation Nutty O would be the opening act, followed by Jah Prayzer and then the Gaffa, as Winky D is affectionately known, would close the show. Show co-host KVG even went on to announce that Jah Prayzer would be the next act after Nutty O’s sterling performance.


Nutty O went on stage as scheduled and rocked the crowd with a stellar performance that sealed his place as the next superstar to come out of Zimbabwe. After the ABX boss’s good showing, there was a 1&half hour wait for the next act as Winky D and Jah Prayzer reportedly bickered backstage, about who was to perform next.


“They fought, each wanted to close the show. At around 9PM Winky agreed to play but also declared that he’s only perform at 10pm; so there was an over 1&half hour wait before he went on stage. He perfomed for 1&half hours. He left the stage 30 minutes before curfew so by the time JP (Jah Prayzer) was 30 minutes in, people started streaming out… many dynamics at play.”-revealed a source.


Start FM presenter KVG and Zifm’s Abisha Palmer mesmerized the crowd in-between.

“They acted like divas until the stage manager nearly cried. It was a big fight to give the order of performance before the show, then during the show. They do fill venues but it’s a nightmare for promoters. They won’t be brought together again in a hurry” continued the source who was close to the event.


It’s reported that even in the days leading up to show, the two artists didn’t promote it together.

“From the hype- no shoots, no interviews and no mixing at all ah” lamented the source.


It remains to be seen how the two giants of local music will fare at their next combined show as they are set to headline the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon in a show dubbed “The BIG 3 Music Show” where they share the spotlight with music sensation Amara Brown.


Contacted for comment, Keen Mushapaidze, Jah Prayzer’s manager dismissed the reports of a rift between the stars, saying, “I’m not aware of the reports. What we agreed with the event organizers on planning the event is what was followed.” Pressed further on the alleged argument Keen could only say, “I’m not aware of that my brother.”


Jah Prayzer’s performance ended pre-maturely as revelers started streaming out while he was

still on stage, as it was fast approaching curfew time (12:00AM).


Winky D had a masterclass of a show, sealing his place as the King of the HICC, a venue that has become “a home ground of sorts” for the Ninja president as he always puts on stellar performances whenever he has a show there.  The Chanter also took the opportunity to introduce a new song titled XYZ, which is yet to be released.


We weren’t able to get a comment from Winky D or his manager Jonathan Banda at the time of going to press.

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