Missing Harare Woman Found In Gweru

Mrs Charity Masaraure Chipikiri who had been missing since the 20th of June 2022 has been found, alive in Gweru.

Sources close to her told this publication that she was located in Gweru today, after she called her husband from a stranger’s phone. Her husband and close family members have left for Gweru to pick her up as well as make the necessary police report.

The 44yr old mother of 3 disappeared on the 20th of June in Mbare, where she had gone to purchase home items. She reportedly called her husband Mr Edwin Chipikiri, on the day of her disappearance, to advise him of her location (Engen garage) where he was to pick her up.

However, when he got there she was nowhere to be found and repeated called to her phone went unanswered before eventually being unreachable.

Her family made impassioned pleas on various social media platforms to seek help in locating her and widely circulated a missing person’s flyer.

Another close source, who requested anonymity however suggested that her disappearance may have been linked to a “deal that went sour”. She reportedly ran a bureau de change during the time the RBZ was giving USD$50 weekly allocations in exchange for rtgs at the official rate.

The source tells us when the RBZ stopped the program, Charity’s company owed several people money they had collected from them while on the waiting list to receive the weekly USD allocations. We are told that the company couldn’t pay back the monies and hence fell fowl of a lot of people. It is suspected that she may have been kidnapped by people she owed money to.

More on this story as it develops..

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