Stunner Acquitted In Wife Assault Case

Rapper Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme has been acquitted in the assault csse in which he was accused of assaulting his enstranged wife Dyonne Tafirenyika.

The ruling was handed down on Friday after a full trial in which Stunner denied ever laying a finger on his wife.

The Tazoita Cash Records boss was found not guilty of assault. He was acquitted of all charges by Harare magistrate Evelyn Mashayakure.

Magistrate Evelyn Mashayakure ruled that Dyonne Tafirenyika’s evidence to support her claim that she was assaulted by Stunner was weak to an extent that no reasonable court would convict the musician.

The Magistrate also added that there were inconsistencies in Tafirenyika’s testimonies. She noted that the case was a result of a relationship that turned sour.

“It is noted that the parties’ relationship had turned sour. There was also a matter that the accused believed that his wife was cheating. It is highly encouraged that if relationships turn sour, they should be talks.

“There was no evidence that was led in connection to this assault and the court wonders why these people did not come to testify.

“There are inconsistencies in Tafirenyika’s testimonies. Clearly, the evidence of the medical affidavit does not support what the complainant told the court. There is insufficient evidence to point out that the accused could have assaulted the complainant.

“The court is convinced that the accused is not guilty hence he is acquitted.” Said the Magistrate in her ruling.

Tafirenyika alleged that she was assaulted by Stunner during a domestic dispute at the Rainbow Towers hotel back in April.

In response, Stunner said Dyonne was cheating on him and also encouraged those in difficult marriages to adopt the procedure of sitting down and resolving their matters without involving the courts.

At one point, Stunner broke down in tears while explaining how he missed his daughter.

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