Church Leaders Involved In Wild Parties

Some prominent people including church leaders and pastors are reportedly involved in organising wild parties known as Vuzu parties.

Vuzu parties are wild indoor gatherings organised by teenagers where they engage in beer drinking, drugs and elicit sex.

The Junior Chamber International (JCI), Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA), and Better Men Foundation conducted a Vuzu inquiry in 2019-2020.

Discussing the outcome of the inquiry on This morning on Asakhe, Sinqobile Ndlovu one of the people involved in the inquiry revealed that young people who attend Vuzu parties have threatened to name and shame respectable people who organise the parties. Said Ndlovu:

We found that not only as presented earlier that there are different types of Vuzu parties where whoever sleeps with a number of sexual partners gets an award but there are vuzu parties that are categorised according to age, so there are age groups as well including vuzu parties for adults.

One other young person was sharing that she was shocked to find a local pastor at a vuzu party. They were sharing that if  you older people keep pressing on the issue of these anti-vuzu parties then the best way to revolt as young people is to just publish a list of who we consider respectable adults who are actually contributing and even participating in vuzu parties feasting on young children as young as 14 years.

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