Chingoma Appeals For Help To Finish His “Zimcopter”

Engineer Daniel Chingoma has appealed to well wishers for help to finish his homemade helicopter, insisting Zimbabwe will have an indigenous “Zimcopter” if the job is complete.

He wants to work on his home-made helicopter and transform it into an aircraft which, in the long run, can secure permission to fly.

Despite his wishes to finish the job, Chingoma continue to wade through various challenges linked to the homemade helicopter.

The 54-year-old’s woes started when his home-made chopper was removed from the Mbudzi roundabout to the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).

Afterwards, the chopper – dubbed Zimcopter – was later taken to his Chitungwiza home.

Speaking to H-Metro, Chingoma appealed to Zimbabweans to help him standardise the machine.

“When it was removed from Mbudzi roundabout by the road construction company, we did not oppose it since it was for development purposes.

“I was given an ultimatum to remove my homemade chopper from the University of Zimbabwe, or it would be destroyed.

“At the moment, I haven’t got any help,” said Chingoma.

He added: “I am pleading with well-wishers to help me work towards improving this machine.

“I am appealing for donor funding to buy a workshop to practice my business, continue with the improvement of making my Zimcopter.”

There has been considerable support, from many Zimbabweans, who sympathise with Chingoma and feel he needs help.

They believe his project should be backed, with all the support it requires, because it shows he is ready to explore fields where many, in this country, are not prepared to venture.


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