Ammara Brown Nominated For AFRIMMA Awards

Musician, songwriter, and actress, Ammara Brown, has been nominated for the prestigious African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) 2022 (USA).

Brown was nominated for the Best Female Southern African Musician category alongside Gemma Griffiths.

This is the fifth time she has been nominated. In 2018, she won the award for Best Female Artist at the African Muzic Magazine Awards.

Speaking during an interview with H-Metro Brown said she was grateful to be nominated for the awards again. She said:

This year we were nominated in Dallas, Texas. I am grateful that my Ammartians get to vote for AFRIMMAS.

It feels super awesome to be surrounded by excellent peers.

I love winning, I love women, and I love winning alongside other women.

This year has been amazing for me. To become Brand Ambassador for India’s Parul University was a great way to kick off the year.

As the year unfolded, I’ve had an incredible time working with NGOs such as Population Solutions for Health (PSH), Swedish Embassy, and the EU, against GBV.

I’ve recently stepped into producing music for international television and film.

It’s all been truly liberal.

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