Police Detain Father Of Pregnant Nine-Year-Old

Police have taken into custody the father of the nine-year-old girl from Tsholotsho who is eight months pregnant and currently admitted at United Bulawayo Hospitals.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi was quoted as saying the father of the child is in police custody to assist with investigations into the rape case.

“The father of the nine-year-old who is pregnant at the United Bulawayo Hospitals is in police custody assisting in the investigations of this issue.

“As police, we are engrossed with this issue so that we get evidence on the perpetrator of the alleged rape,” he said.

The Chief of the area where the child comes from, Chief Gampu was reported as saying the child is refusing to reveal the name of the man who raped her.

“As the leader of this community, I’m really worried about what happened to this child as she’s too young to become a parent.

“Measures have been taken to get the child to open up about who exactly sexually harassed her but she’s not revealing anything to show that she was intimidated by the perpetrator not to say anything,” he added.

The nine year old’s pregnancy was revealed after she was taken to Tsholotsho Hospital as she was complaining about stomach pain.

Meanwhile, an anonymous source was quoted saying family members have reportedly asked prophets to reveal the identity of the rapist, and if that fails, they will go for DNA tests once the child delivers the baby.


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