Mai TT Rejoice After Ex Hubby Fails To Pay Debts

Tinashe Maphosa, the estranged husband of Felistas ‘Mai TT” Murata, had his attempt to relocate furnishings from his Madokero home foiled by a local furniture company due to an unpaid bill.

It’s been a dramatic fall for the man who captivated the nation with his opulent US$100,000 wedding earlier this month.

Tinashe hired Panashe Nzenza to transfer all of his Madokero house’s belongings during the night.

Panashe allegedly disguised herself as a Sheriff’s Office official to Leo Kambanga of Bruno Furniturez.

Tinashe’s neighbours were drawn in when Leo stopped a van hired by Panashe from leaving House Number 4160, Madokero.

According to a local publication, Leo was demanding US$5 000, which he said is what Tinashe still owes for the furniture.

“I was in Mbare when I was informed about the removal of furniture from the house by Panashe,” said Leo.

“Panashe is the one who has been paying me money for the furniture and Tinashe last paid in July when I delivered it.

“From that time, he blocked me from communicating with him.

“Upon confronting Panashe, she claimed that she had an order from the Sheriff’s Office and I demanded to see the documents.”

He added: “She left and returned after an hour-and-a-half, in the company of her lawyer.

“I showed them my legal documents, and that is when they agreed to return the furniture into the house,” said Leo.

After learning of Tinashe Maphosa’s misfortunes, Mai TT took to social media to celebrate.

In a series of posts, the garrulous social media personality said, “The hunter can also become the hunted. Game of Thrones.”

“The pressure is getting worser😂. Abegg, goodnight, my lovelies.”

“Vanhu vakatenga imba kwakutomover in 3 months 😂😂😂😂regai isu ma senior roja tiseke hedu isu.

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