Marry Chiwenga’s Case Struck Off The Roll

The High Court has dismissed a property dispute case involving Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and his estranged wife Marry Mubaiwa.

High Court judge Justice Owen Tagu removed the case from the roll after noting that the matter was not moving due to several postponements and the non-availability of the defendant and the applicant.

Tagu also said he could not keep holding the record when the case was not progressing, NewsDay reported.

Tagu said, “I could not, therefore, keep on holding onto the file. Also disturbing is the fact that since February 9 the second defendant has not filed its appearance to defend as well as other pleadings despite being aware that it had been joined as a second defendant in terms of the rules of this honorable court; it was supposed to have done so in terms of the rules of this honorable court.

“The only way to go about this problem is to remove the matter from the roll and parties be given guidelines.”

He also ordered that the registrar be directed to set the matter down for hearing on any available date after new pleadings have been made.

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