Mudzuri And Other Six MDC Senior Party Members Reject Suspension

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Former MDC vice president Elias Mudzuri and other six senior party members have challenged their suspension by MDC president Douglas Mwonzora.

Their response comes after on Monday 16 January, MDC national chairperson Solomon Chikohwero announced the suspension of seven officials, saying they face serious disciplinary charges, which were not specified.

The seven who were suspended are Mudzuri, Norest Marara, Gift Konjana, John Nyika, Den Moyo, Edwin Dzambara and Edward Kakora.

Refuting the suspension, Mudzuri and the other officials challenged Mwonzora and Chikohwero’s legitimacy, saying the offices of party president and national chairman are vacant.

In a letter addressed to the MDC Council, Mwonzora and Chikohwero, the seven said they will continue to perform their duties in the party.

They wrote, “First and foremost, it is imperative that we put the subject matter into context.

“As per of the MDC Constitution, The President and National Chairman of the party together with the rest of the Standing Committee office bearers shall be elected at Congress.

“Since no congress has been held according to the tenets of the party constitution, the offices stipulated in are deemed to remain vacant.

“Any individual seeking to usurp powers vested in is acting ultra-vies the party constitution and any actions, announcements, or representations from such individuals are null and void.

“We the “seven” as listed below vow to continue working to uplift the values, principles, and ethos of the Movement for Democratic Change as we engage the grassroots toward a people-driven Congress.

“Marara is the Secretary for Party Business and Projects, Konjana is MDC Chairperson in Mashonaland West Province, Nyika is MDC Chairperson in Masvingo Province, Moyo is MDC Chairperson USA Province, Dzambara is Secretary for Education and Kakora is a National Executive Member.”

However, MDC spokesperson Witness Dube said the seven members should abide by the party constitution if they disagree with the suspension.

“They have to resist the suspension through constitutional means, like writing an appeal to the National Chairman. If they recognize the National Chairman, it must follow that they should then abide by his leadership on how their issue must be dealt with,” he said.

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