Chamisa To “Work With ED” After August Polls

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Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa has pledge to honour and work with President Emmerson Mnangagwa should he win the upcoming general elections scheduled for Wednesday the 23rd of August.

Addressing thousands of CCC supporters in Harare yesterday, Chamisa said he would set aside his antagonistic past with the incumbent President and focus on building the country.

The charismatic lawyer and Pastor also pledged to confer the status of the former head of state title on Mnangagwa, insisting that his nemesis would be an advisor to his new government.

“One of the gestures I’m going to extend is to extend to the outgoing president, Mr. Mnangagwa. I will not strip you of your title as a former head of state. Let us work together, advise where you came, where we need to work together. We are not going to be retributive. Hatitarise zvakaitwa kare, matakadyakare haanyararidze mwana, let bygones be bygones, lets move the country together,” he said.

The youthful leader implored Zanu PF supporters to vote for him tomorrow, adding that his presidency would mean the removal of sanctions as soon as he assumes power.

“There are those who are at Zanu Pf, this is no longer a political parties situation. Go and vote for your future. Go and vote for opportunity, go and vote for happiness, go and vote for light.

“You have seen President Chissano here, the first thing we have to do is to restore Zimbabwe to the family of nations. We have to go back to the Commonwealth, we have to go back to the family of nations. We have to make sure that we deal. Sanctions will be removed even tomorrow if I become the president,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa’s statement seemed to be an indirect response to one made by Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa, the Zanu Pf spokesperson, who recently refused to answer as to whether the ruling party would surrender power to the opposition if it lost the election.

Responding to questions from journalists recently at a presser in Harare, Mutsvangwa was coy in response to whether his party would give up power if defeated, saying that “it was void to talk about Zanu PF defeat,” because the party had “immensely prepared” for tomorrow’s election.

Mutsvangwa claimed that the Nelson Chamisa led CCC was disorganized and not prepared to lock horns with the ruling party in Wednesday’s election.

“The other team was busy preparing for the match, you were not preparing for the match, you were busy fighting at each other, making accusations and counter accusations. You are not ready, you are pointing the referee ZEC, the judiciary and ZRP. No, it’s your fault. You should accept that you are disorganized,” he said.





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