Lets Unite To Restore Sanity In Harare, ZRP Tells Council

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The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has implored the Harare City Council to work hand in glove with the police to restore law and order in the Central Business District (CBD).

ZRP’s sentiments come after the council’s struggle to fully maintain the capital city’s roads, ranks, street lights, and failure to collect garbage in time, citing “financial constraints”.

Addressing journalists during an interface meeting with transport operators in Harare today, Officer commanding Harare province Commissioner Wonder Tembo encouraged the council to work with the police to ensure that Harare attains a world class status.

Commissioner Wonder Tembo

He said, “Harare city council should engage us so that we work together to maintain law and order in the CBD. The council has failed to maintain roads, street lights and city ranks, so I think if we team up with them on the forefront, it’s possible to restore Harare as the sunshine city.”

Assistant Commissioner Obey Moyo, however, claimed that some politicians are controlling the city ranks.

“The ranks in Harare like that located at Fourth Street, it’s difficult for us to fully enforce order, because there are people who claim to be owners. These people claim to have political affiliations, so you will realize it will be difficult to chip in,” explained Moyo.

Responding to Moyo, Commissioner Tembo advised the City Council and transport operators to report any inconvenience caused if anyone claims to be the owner of any rank in Harare CBD.

“We have heard the allegations, but I think no one owns a rank in Harare. If the allegations are true, a report should be made to the police so that we can end this for good,” he said.

Meanwhile, ZRP spokesperson Paul Nyathi, who was part of the delegation team, earnestly advised transport operators to obey road rules, insisting that those in the transport business should avoid working with drug addicts to minimize accidents.

ZRP Spokesperson Paul Nyathi

“When you employ your workers, please, you should observe the behavior of your employees, because some accidents we witness are caused by drug addicts and abusers,” pleaded Nyathi.

The engagement between ZRP, transport operators, Harare city council, Econet and VID was to measure if the recently launched speed limit tracking system was efficiently working in reducing accidents.

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