Africa One Identity Holds Business Seminar To Unite Africa

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The much awaited Africa One Identity business seminar and Gala dinner scheduled to kick off on May 3 and run for three days.

Its objective is to unite the African continent around social, economic and cultural ties.

The event will be held in Harare under the theme, “Which Way Africa,” where participants from around the African continent will gather to share culture, entrepreneurship ideas, knowledge and explore business opportunities.

Addressing journalists in Harare recently, Naison Marufu, one of the key speakers at the event said, “for Africa to grow economically, they need to unite and process their minerals alone. The moment they invite foreigners to do the job, it means superpowers dominance becomes the order of the day, and it’s not good for Africa.”

Some key highlights discussed during the press conference were to separate politics from development within the African continent, as this will hinder the development of economies.

Princess Kelelo Dlamini, one of the Africa One Identity partners, said, “We hear people, especially in Zimbabwe. They blame political leaders on the state of the economy. But let me tell you something: politics and leadership have nothing to do with the economy. If we are united.”

Meanwhile, various stakeholders from the business community, arts and culture will attend the Africa One Identity event, where they will share experiences on how best Africans can unite and improve their lives.

Dr. K Vere, Dr. T Mushamba and Naison Marufu will be part of the Zimbabwean panelists, who will share knowledge and experiences to uplift and motivate Africans in all facets of life to wake up from their slumber and take action to empower themselves.

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