Acting NSSA General Manager Vows To Stamp Out Corruption From The Social Security Entity

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National Social Security Authority (NSSA) acting General Manager Dr. Charles Shava has vowed to stamp out corruption within the top management of the Social Security organization should he be given the mandate to become the new substantive boss.

Shava promised to enforce a strict management regime in the governing structures of NSSA, where everybody will be held accountable for their rogue actions regardless of their position within the hierarchy or connections.

“We will continue to strengthen our governance structures, ensure strict adherence to transparency, and accountability measures, and implement robust financial management strategies to stabilize and grow NSSA’s financial base.

“We will also continue to implement recommendations from the Corporate Governance unit, enforce strict adherence to ethical standards, and maintain regular audits and reviews of our operations,” he said.

Asked about how he will engage with multiple government entities, pensioners and employees, Dr. Shava said efficient communication channels and stronger ties will build trust, image and confidence in the perceptions of stakeholders about NSSA operations.

“We will hold regular consultations and feedback sessions with pensioners, employees, and government entities to understand their needs and concerns. Collaborating with our parent Ministry and other key stakeholders will ensure that our strategies are aligned with national objectives and stakeholder expectations. By maintaining a collaborative and inclusive approach, we will build trust and foster a sense of shared purpose,” he added.

The aspiring NSSA boss further shared his vision and principles, which he said will transform the lives of Zimbabweans who work in the formal and informal sector.

“We envision a future where we contribute to poverty reduction through paying benefit levels above the minimum poverty line, as well as extend social security coverage to include all branches of social security, including sickness and maternity benefits. Additionally, we hope to provide social security coverage to all Zimbabweans, regardless of whether they work both within the formal and informal sector,” said Shava.

The aspiring NSSA boss will have a plateful if appointed to the position, as he will have the task of dealing with the corruption scourge that has tainted the Social Security entity for years. Previous NSSA bosses have faced allegations of fraud, corruption and mismanagement of funds.

Only last year, Mr. Arthur Johnson Manase resigned from his position of General Manager, after facing more than 30 corruption charges, which consisted of gross inefficiency, incompetence, wilful disobedience of lawful orders, and theft.




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