Mambondiani Urges SMEs To Embrace Technology In The Covid19 Crises

Mambondiani says entrepreneurs must adopt tech in order to stay relevant and scale their businesses.

BancABC managing director and CEO, Dr Lance Mambondiani has urged Small to Medium Enterprises to embrace technology during this world crisis caused by the Covid19 pandemic, so that they can “invest during a crises”.

Speaking during a Zoom meeting with entrepreneurs and media practitioners & hosted Nigel Mugamu of 263 chat this afternoon, Dr Mambondiani said the way for SMEs to make it in this pandemic was to increase the level of communication between themselves and their customers.

“SMEs should use digitalization to communicate so as to prevent people from panicking; they should re-assure stakeholders, maintain productivity, engage with the organization and deal with the reality of the pandemic using tech.” He said.

Dr Lance also said that as BancABC, they have created a way of communicating with their customers online to ensure effective communication.

“We have established what we call the Covid Crises Community which is responsible for disseminating information to our stakeholders via the internet. It is important to match people with technology.” He continued.

Meanwhile during the meeting, points were raised that a lot of people lost their jobs during the coid 19 inspired national lockdown. The use of modern technologies such as E-commerce however also has an impact on employment as some jobs may be lost as business adopts new ways to survive.

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