6pm to 6am curfew imposed.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has declared new curfew to the country starting from 6pm to 6am so as to curb the continued spread of corona virus in the country.

Addressing the nation at the state house yesterday, President Mnangagwa said registered businesses will be opened from 8am to 3pm while non-working people should stay at home except for essential movement to buy food, find water or for medical reasons.

Masks had to be worn outside of homes; everyone screened entering public places and buildings; social distancing observed; public transport passengers screened and sanitised on boarding with buses disinfected between round trips; and intercity movement remains banned.

New Covid Regulations below:

1. All non working sections of the population should stay at home

2. Where travel is essential, full requirements and regulations must be followed. Wearing masks, hygiene and distancing. Social distancing.

3. Business to operate from 8-1500Hrs with the exception of providers of essential services

4. There is a curfew between 6pm to 6am. Only essential services exempt

5. Only registered SMEs must be allowed to work.

6. Intercity town public transport is banned. Only approved buses are allowed to move around.

7. Public Gatherings are banned. Funerals remain curtailed

8. It’s criminal to run away from quarantine centers.

9. Anyone who knowingly infects people or puts others in danger would be liable to criminal prosecution



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