Dead bodies of Covid 19 victims smuggled into the country?

Romour has it that there has been wreckless endangerment  and borderline “deliberate” spread of the corona virus by Zimbabweans based in South Africa through smuggling of dead countrymen’s bodies which are allegedly smuggled into the country via ports of entry.


Unconfirmed reports say that the corpses are smuggled under the guise of groceries and this is said to be enabled by bribed customs officials.

Attached to this article is an unconfirmed image of a busted smuggling ring said to contain a corpse while also loaded together with groceries that are meant for human consumption.

The smugglers are said to be enjoying brisk business as the repatriation of dead relatives by South Africa based Zimbabweans has become a cumbersome process due to the lockdowns in both countries that were placed in order to mitigate the spread of the deadly virus.


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