Harare CBD On Total Lockdown

HARARE Central Business District has reverted to being a ghost town it was during the initial phase of the lockdown.

Ahead of the July 31 protest, several streets have emptied as shops are closing.

Uniformed forces put the CBD on lockdown returning people home.

Checkpoints had increased.

At bus termini was drama. Security forces were clearing commuters off the bus termini namely Market Square and Copacabana and others.

Buses and combis parking at the rank were forced to carry passengers.

Commuters ended up entering buses which were going different routes while the directive of no standing passengers was overruled.
“Kwidza vanhu iwe kwidza standing,” said one officer.

At some areas people were still being sent to town only to be met with the hollow town chased by soldiers and police officers forcing them to return home.

Yeukai is a professional and experienced journalist, broadcaster & writer.

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