SADC Supports Zim On Anti Sanctions Demo

Southern African Development Community has joined Zimbabwe in fighting against sanctions imposed by the western countries so that Zimbabwe can improve economically especially in this Covid -19 pandemic.

In a statement, on Saturday, His Excellency Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, President of the republic of Mozambique who is also SADC chairperson said sanctions have placed serious constrains on the Zimbabwean economy.

“Zimbabwe remains under sanctions that significantly undermine the country’s capacity to respond to socio-economic challenges that include three successive droughts; recovery from the effects of Tropical Cyclone Idai; poor access to affordable lines of credit on the global market; and servicing of her debt obligations.

“The prevailing COVID-19 pandemic has further placed serious constraints on the Government of Zimbabwe’s ability to fund programmes, as well as investments in key economic sectors.” He said.

SADC further called for the sanctions removal saying they are “no longer relevant” to the country.

“SADC, therefore, reiterates the call for these sanctions to be unconditionally lifted for Zimbabwe to improve the livelihoods of her citizens, and develop unhindered.

“It is not just a solidarity call in support of Zimbabwe, but also a clarion call for justice, fairness and full enjoyment of human rights. The sanctions are no longer relevant, and are detrimental to the socio-economic development and self-determination of Zimbabweans.” His Excellent Nyusi said.

Zimbabwe under the ruling party Zanu PF yesterday (25/10/2020) were demonstrating for the removal of sanctions with the theme #sanctionsmustfall.

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