Zim Teachers Threaten To Close Schools

Zimbabwean teachers have threated to close schools after they failed to reach an agreement with the government concerning the increase of their salaries.

Teachers have been suggesting a salary increase of US$520 equivalent and they are saying their current salary of US$30 equivalent is an insult.

“Its actually an insult to be a teacher , its a curse”, one teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity said.

At Murewa High School during the first phase of the opening of schools a month ago, dozens of students waited for their teachers in vain in their classes as teachers refused to go back to work until the issue of decent salaries has been resolved .

‘Only the headmaster came to assembly and instructed us to pick litter in the school yard and go back home ‘ A student at Murewa high school said.

Meanwhile, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary general Mr Raymond Majongwe said that teachers are not going back to work until the issue of decent salaries has been resolved .

“Teachers need to be paid decently so that they can look after their families and also to perform their duties properly.” He said .

Teachers are also demanding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against the Covid-19.

Furthermore, today schools opened for the phase two were grade 5, form 3 and form 5 students resumed schooling since schools closed in March.

In an interview with 263times, one grade six student at Glenview 3 Primary school said teachers did not show up at work today except for just four grade seven teachers.

“Our teacher did not come to school as well as other grade six teachers, we only swept the classrooms then went back home.” She said.

Last month during the first phase of the schools opening government said it will replace teachers on strike with the 6000 new ones already on standby.



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