ZRP Arrest Rushwaya ‘s Allies

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says they have arrested six more suspects in connection with the Rushwaya gold smuggling case.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms that 6 more suspects have been arrested in connection with the gold smuggling investigation on Henrietta Rushwaya.” They posted on twitter.

The people who were arrested are Ali Mohamad of the car dealership Ali Japan 786, whom Rushwaya allegly fingered as  the sour of the four gold bars in her luggage , two security officers , Steven Chenjerayi Tserayi and Rafius Mupandauya ,who may have been involved in the attempt to get rushwaya through the security checks with her gold , Gift Karanda who national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he was a member of Central Intelligence Organisation  (C I O ) and the police officers Superintendent Shoko and Detective Chief Inspector Chimhungu .

Henrietta Rushwaya was arrested on Monday and is currently in custody for trying to smuggle 60,9 kgs of gold bars to Dubai  until Friday when she will appear at the Magistrates Court.






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