People React To Judicial Capture

Zimbabweans have reacted to the letter that was sent by judges yesterday addressed to President Emmerson Mnangagwa agreeing that indeed the Judiciary System is captured.

In the letter dated October 26 and signed off as “Your long suffering judges” the judges said the Chief Justice was interfering with their work and judgments.

Posting on his twitter handle, Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said the day he was denied bail, the Chief Justice was seen leaving the magistrates court.

“The day I was denied bail in July, Chief Justice Malaba was seen leaving the magistrates court in the morning. The judges letter says that he tells magistrates how to rule. The same happened when I was denied bail at the High Court. How can we go to courts which cook judgments?” He said.

Hopewell Chin’ono was denied bail for 45 days following his arrest on July 20 for “inciting public violence” ahead of the foiled #31July anti-corruption protests.

UK based politician Alex T Magaisa made fun of what the judges said in the letter about sharing wigs in this corona virus pandemic saying it is time for the judges hair gear to be ditched.

“If it were a football club, the most appropriate cliche would be that Malaba has lost the dressing room. But one thing to cheer in that letter was that there is a shortage of wigs & judges are having to share. I think it’s a perfect opportunity to ditch the horse hair headgear.” Magaisa posted on his twitter handle.

Former Finance Minister in the inclusive government, Tendai Biti said Judicial Capture is more critical as it sinks democracy.

“Of all forms of Capture , Judicial Capture is the most pervasive. It sacrifices the constitution&the rule of law . It sinks democracy & opens possibilities for self redress & extralegal remedies. The courts are not a fiefdom. Transparency & scrutiny is required to protect the law.” He twitted.

Furthermore, former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Jonathan Moyo said at the moment it is best for the country not to look for the anonymous writer of the letter but rather whether the letter’s allegations were true.

“Judges wrote the letter & ensured it did not have finger prints traceable to any one of them. What’s important is less who wrote the letter; but more whether the letter’s allegations are well founded and true. Mnangagwa can’t ignore a troubling truth, in search of who told it! ” Jonathan Moyo tweeted.



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