Teachers Not Backing down

The Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) has urged fellow teachers not to despair as they negotiate with the government.

According to a statement posted on its  facebook page on 26 October, the secretary general of ZIMTA, Mr Tapson N Sibanda said that they are negotiating with the government to see to it that teachers get reasonable salaries  that enable them to do their work effectively.

“At this point in time (26 October 2020 ) I want to assure the members that your union (ZIMTA) is working hard behind the scenes and has escalated the matter to the highest levels of appeal in the land, to ensure that teachers get the right kind of salaries that they need in order to work.” Secretary general Mr Tapson Sibanda said .

As the teachers strike intensifies, teachers have vowed to carry on with their industrial action as government is refusing to honour its promise on giving a reasonable way forward and workable conditions for  teachers.

Teachers are unable to attend to duty because they fail to meet their financial obligations that enable them work effectively and the Secretary General encouraged fellow teachers not to despair.

“We will get there, we are working hard, we will get results  that we need . Fellow teachers, do not despair, we are working, let those with little professional skill for high level engangements fear the processes, and fantasize over  the ”sell out narrative” Said the ZIMTA Secretary General .

Furthermore, most were finding it difficult to travel back to their schools due to the decline in the value of their salaries, so they began staying off from work.

“Your union, ZIMTA is here for you and will be guided and stand by you”, said the Secretary General.

He went on to promise to keep the teachers updated when anything important comes out and urged the restive teachers to stay calm, focused and be safe at home.

“We will be updating you , in  particular when tangible results are realized, meanwhile , We must stay , FOCUSED , CALM AND RESOLUTE .” Said Mr Tapson N Sibanda.

Zimbabwean teachers have been engaging in persistent industrial action for the better part of 2020 due to poor salaries. Currently Zimbabwean teachers earn $3000 rtgs which is equivalent to about $30USD and they are pushing government to pay them $520USD or equivalent in local currency.


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