Tollgate Fees Increased To Suit The Economy – Ministry Of Transport

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development says tollgate fees were increased to suit the current economy.

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development Permanent Secretary Amos Marawa told Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development on Monday that the old tollgate fees were no longer fit for purpose.

“The Ministry of Finance has now come to the table allowing us to review some of the user fees. Remember we used to charge US$2 for small cars as toll fees, the increases are necessary to fund road maintenance.” He said.

Tollgate fees are going up by more than 166 percent after the ministry of transport said the old fees had been shrivelled by inflation.

Light motor vehicles will now pay Z$120 to go through tollgates, up from Z$45, Minibuses will pay Z$180 from the previous Z$70; buses Z$240 up from Z$90 and heavy vehicles with a carrying capacity of more than 3 tonnes but less than 10 tonnes are to pay Z$300 which has been reviewed from Z$115.

Haulage trucks will pay Z$590 from Z$225 previously while motorists who live near tollgates will pay a daily return fee of Z$50 or Z$3,000 per month before discounts.





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