People React To ZESA Tariff Increase

Zimbabweans have reacted to the continued increase of electricity tariffs saying the increases are not tallying with the economic situation of the country where most people are living from hand to mouth due to the Covid 19 induced lockdown.

The Zimbabwean Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), a subsidiary of Zesa Holdings proposed a 50 percent increase in electricity tariffs again with the immediate effect from 1st November 2020.

The declaration comes in accordance with the Tariff Award of 2 October 2019 which approved implementation of monthly tariff indexation formula for changes above 10 percent.

In an interview with 263times, one man who spoke on condition of anonymity said with the continued tariff increase, the majority will end up replacing electricity with the solar energy.

”We are left with questions, as most of us will not be able to buy monthly tariffs if Zesa continues to do this every month everyone will end up opting to use solar .” He said.

ZETDC increased electricity tariffs by 50 percent on 23 September , then by another 50 percent on 1 October and again another 50 percent this month.

Another woman from Kambuzuma said the prices are un affordable and the units are not lasting for a long time.

”We really do not know how to cope, the prices are just too much for us in this economy. We are are getting less units according to the new prices and we are unhappy. l bought a token for 700 and got 140 units when l thought l would get more than 200 units ,” She said.

The increase in Zesa tariffs have plunged most houses in urban areas into darkness as some can no longer afford to buy tokens .



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