Buses To Be Cleared First Before Departure From SA

The Zimbabwe Consulate in South Africa says buses that will be repatriating Zimbabweans from South Africa will be cleared first with the Consulate of Zimbabwe in Johannesburg before departure to Zimbabwe in line with the Covid -19 regulations.

In a statement issued by the Zimbabwe Consulate, the bus operators are required to get clearance from the consulate two days before the departure.

“All bus operators involved in the repatriation of Zimbabwean nationals from South Africa are with immediate effect required to obtain travel clearance from the Consulate of Zimbabwe in Johannesburg two days before the intended departure date. This applies to all, except for those traveling from the Cape Provinces who should approach The Zimbabwe consulate in Capetown for clearance.” The statement read in part.

The statement further read that everyone traveling will need to present a negative corona virus test result for them to be allowed to travel.

“All passengers and bus crew are required to have Covid -19 Free Certificates which are within the 48 hours validity for presentation at the point of entry.” The statement read.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Nick Mangwana today confirmed the development on his twitter handle.

“With immediate effect, all bus operators repatriating Zimbabweans to Zimbabwe have to obtain a travel clearance from the Zimbabwe Consulate in Johannesburg 2 days before the intended date of departure.” He tweeted.


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