NUST Graduation Attendee Dies From Corona virus

Covid 19 has struck again in Bulawayo, as a woman who attended a graduation ceremony at which President Emmerson Mnangagwa was the guest of honor on October 30, was found to be affected by the corona virus, which led to her death.

The 47 year old woman, who attended the October 2020 graduation ceremony to witness a friend graduating at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), at which the President was the guest of honor has succumbed to Covid 19.

The married mum of three died on Wednesday, after she was taken ill and treated at Cowdray Park Clinic before she was transferred to the United Bulawayo Hospitals.

The woman is thought to have been infected at the graduation ceremony at NUST in Bulawayo. She was  one of the two deaths reported by the ministry of Health on Wednesday as they also reported 11 new cases of the corona virus.

The ministry pointed out that both women who died had pre existing conditions which militated against their recovery from the respiratory disease.

President Mnangagwa capped more than 200 graduates at the ceremony who were invited to the event which was reduced in size due to the covid 19 pandemic and a number of other students graduated following the proceedings online from home.

Covid 19 is real, meaning that people have to stay safe, although some Zimbabweans are no longer observing the health and safety measures put in place by Government on the advise of the World Health Organization (WHO). Some believe that the virus thrives in winter only, for example a 45 year old Mbare woman named Pamela reportedly claimed that the  disease is less deadly for blacks.

”Blacks rarely die due to corona virus. Its just a disease which infects them, just like the common cold and disappears. We have been lied to about many people falling sick due to covid 19,”said Pamela.

Meanwhile, this leaves the people who attended the graduation ceremony living in fear of having contracted the virus as they were in the same environment as the late 47 year old mother of three.

Zimbabwe has reported 17 new Covid 19 cases as at Wednesday the 4th of October 2020.



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