Teachers Salaries Increased

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima says with the economic situation so far it is impossible to pay teachers a salary of US520 but however the government has increased teachers salaries to more than $18 ooo rtgs.

Addressing Senate yesterday, Professor Mavima  said with the latest reviews, the lowest paid civil servant would earn around $15 000 while the least paid teacher would get around $18 000.

“They are insisting on US$520. Our country has reached currency and price stability, which has been a problem ever since,

“There is no way we can pay US$520 or its equivalent without rocking the boat or without causing instability thereby reversing those gains. We now need committed teachers who are patriotic.” He said.

Professor Mavima said the country is on it’s way to economic recovery and urged Senators to be the voice of the people.

“They should understand that we are now on our way to economic recovery. Let us not shoot ourselves in the foot. As Senators, be the voice of reason and talk to them in your constituencies. No one has ever said conditions are okay.

“We are looking at all sides holistically. Acceding to such demands is inflationary and will upset the balance we had achieved,” said Prof Mavima.

Teachers have been on strike since the first phase of schools opening on September 28 demanding Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and a salary raise of US520 or rtgs equivalent.

The last batch of students will open schools on Monday.



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