Socialite Ginimbi dies

Popular Zimbabwean businessman and socialite Genius Kadungure, popularly known as Ginimbi has died, he was 36.

Ginimbi died on the spot in an accident along Borrowdale road in the early hours of the morning. Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the death.

Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce after the accident

The Rolls Royce that the flamboyant Ginimbi is said to have been driving was involved in a head on collision with a Honda Fit, throwing the socialite out before bursting into flames. Two other occupants were trapped inside the car and were burnt beyond recognition.

The Honda fit that collided with Ginimbi’s cars

The female occupant who died in the accident is reported to be Moana, whose full name was Michelle Amuli, a fitness trainer and socialite, and whose birthday they had been celebrating earlier in the night at Ginimbi’s dreams night club in the capital.

Witnesses said that Ginimbi was over-speeding when the accident happened. They reported that he overtook two vehicles at once, resulting in a head-on collision with the Honda Fit which was going in the opposite direction. The Honda fit driver and a passenger are reported to have survived the crush with minor injuries but were in a deep state of shock.

Moana, who died in Ginmbi’s car and whose birthday they had been celebrating earlier

The Late Ginimbi, owned DreamsĀ  night club, a top night spot in the capital city Harare. He, together with friends had been celebrating Moana’s birthday at his club a few hours earlier. The socialite was also said to be heavily invested in the Liquefied gas supply industry, reportedly with operations in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa.

He was also related to Marry Chiwenga, the enstranged wife of Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga. Known for his penchant for luxury cars which he generously showed off on Social Media, the late socialite has his Bently siezed by Zimra, the revenue authority, as they investigated him for alleged tax evasion, failure to pay duty and smuggling. The vehicle is still at Zimra.

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