Ginimbi death prophesied?

A video has emerged online showing a prophet who is said to have prophesied about the death of Flamboyant Businessman and Socialite Genius Ginimbi Kadungure.

A Prophet Advocate Joshua is seen in the video clip saying, “urgent prayers are necessary, urgent prayers are necessary for a Genius very rich. Because in the spirit realm there is an event of a catastrophic nature and you are going to witness this if prayers, serious prayers are not made by him or on his behalf within 72hrs, event of a catastrophic nature is it fire, is it water is it the body, is it the air, we have to pray within the next 72hrs.”

The date on the video clip suggests that the prophecy was made on the 4th of October 2020.

People on Social Media have however expressed mixed feelings over the said prophesy with some asking why the said prophet didn’t seemingly make an effort to contact the socialite neither did he state in the clip that he would make an effort to try and contact Ginimbi over what he claimed to have seen in the “spirit world”.

Another Social Media user asked how these so called prophets never saw the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak which has caused untold suffering and killed millions of people and wrecking economies in the entire world but can claim to have seen the death of one individual



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