Kambuzuma “thief” Murdered In Cold Blood

A Kambuzuma man popularly known by the name Chimonyo and with a reputation for being the neighbourhood thief was on Sunday night beaten to death by a gang of Kambuzuma drug dealers on allegations of stealing $US200 from a business man who is allegedly involved in the selling of drugs.

It is believed that a drug gang led by one Majusi (believed to be a dancer for Sungura ace Alick Macheso’s Ochestra Mberikwazvo band) was the one that captured Chimonyo and murdered him on the outskirts of the suburb.

Chimonyo is said to be a man who was a well known thief in Kambuzuma, a man who did not hesitate to steal together with his twin brother according to several residents interviewd by this publication.


”Almost everyone was aware of the bad deeds of¬† Chimonyo, he was a big thief in Kambuzuma together with his twin brother and was someone who showed no mercy when doing his job.” Said one of the residents.

Reports have it that Chimonyo had been stealing people’s belongings in Kambuzuma for a long time and would go to jail and come back in no time, this made the business man whose 200 dollars was stolen to call for Majusi¬† and his team to “take Chimonyo and teach him a lesson.”

Chimonyo’s sister is said to have followed the car that was used to kidnap her brother after being told by some kambuzuma residents in section 2 and when she arrived Majusi and his team had already killed Chimonyo before running away.

However, some of the residence in Kambuzuma expressed joy at the death of Chimonyo as they claimed that he deserved it after terrorizing them for years..

”We did not think Majusi and his team could kill Chimonyo as our wish was that he should learn a lesson and regret stealing again” Said some boys in an interview.

The police were informed and yesterday Majusi was arrested and is assisting police with investigations.

Chimonyo’s burial will be held today and the family seemed to have been left devastated by the way he died.

”Taking law it their own hands was a wrong move, they will face the consequences.” One family man said.

People must not take the law into their own hands even in an attempt to serve justice. Police in Kambuzuma have warned residents about the consequences of taking the law into their own hands.


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