Students Sent Back Home As Schools Opened Today

School pupils around Harare have been reportedly sent home already following teachers strikes that have been emanating since schools opened for the first phase on September 28.

Today’s schools opening marked the third and final phase of schools opening this term.

The education system in Zimbabwe, is under stress as the economic crisis continues to disturb the nation and some parents were withdrawing their children the past week and those in schools were not being attended to. Today some children were also coming back from school as teachers failed to show up.

”Am going home, we are not learning in school, teacher said we should go to the grounds and play and l decided to come back home.” Said a grade 1 student from Kambuzuma.

Parents are also worried about their children’s future as their are children are not being attended to.

”We are worried as parents, we are disturbed, are our children going to pass we wish the government to respond to teachers for the sake of our children.” Said  Mai Chipo from Kambuzuma.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) on Friday stated that the capacity of building reasonable measures on salaries for educators is not clear and most teachers will remain incapacitated.

”Most teachers will remain incapacitated and you won’t see them soon in school.” ZIMTA  said.

ZIMTA also said educators need meaningful adjustments to their salaries .

”To the employer, we say, make meaningful adjustments to our salary levels and help revive education. Do not vandalize our education system through insensitive decisions.” The teachers said.

Meanwhile, MDC Alliance Spokesperson Fadzai Mahere, on her twitter handle implored on government to take the plight of teachers seriously.

”If its indeed true that, Mthuli Ncube has a surplus in  his budget, then it should go towards paying teachers and all civil servants to get a living wage. You can not expect teachers to go to school when they can not even live. USD$35 is not even enough to get a covid 19 test, so how do you expect them in the middle of a global pandemic to go and teach what if they expose themselves?,” she said.

Last week, government said it will increase teachers salaries.

Teachers have been demanding a salary increase of US$520, and also Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) against the Covid -19




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