Prophet Madungwe Denies Ginimbi’s Prophecy

Controversial Harare Prophet, Talent Madungwe has denied ownership of a post circulating on social media in which he allegedly prophesied about the late Genius Kadungure and Moana being in remand in Heaven saying it is a fake story.

According to a post circulating, it is alleged that Prophet Madungwe said the deceased (Moana and Genius) are currently in remand in heaven waiting for Moses to give the final verdict.

The post read and i quote, “Ginimbi na Moana varimu remand kudenga uku takamirira kuti Moses adzoke, anebasa raanga achibata kuma elections e America ndiye achatara mutongo wavo. Parizvino vagere havo, Moana ndiye arikungoti dei zvaigona ndisina kumbosana na Genius.”

In an interview with 263times, Prophet Madungwe said, “It’s a fake story, i didn’t say that, it’s just a way of people to tarnishing my image.”

Prophet Madungwe is popular for uttering controversial prophesies about dead celebrities and about God coming down to eat at his house.






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