Prophet Madungwe Demands Money For Interviews

Self proclaimed Prophet T Madungwe charges journalists for conducting interviews with him saying we (journalists) will be taking his time as he has a lot of things to do.

Our journalist talked to Madungwe who calls himself, Deputy heavenly army commander, 2nd from Michael Angelic Troops of Heaven this morning requesting an interview with him, when she was told that she should pay for the interview.

Madungwe however did not clarify the certain amount of money he charges but said “you notify how much you afford.”

Below are the chats by our journalist and Prophet T Madungwe:


In 2017 he said hen went to heaven and conducted hell preaching and they released Adolf Hitler, Tongai Moyo, Brenda Fassie and Michael Jackson, and Muammar Gadhafi.

In February 2020 he declared that he occasionally gets visits from God, where he usually dine with Him and His Angels.

Yeukai is a professional and experienced journalist, broadcaster & writer.

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