Zimbabweans Besiege Rolls Royce Social Media Pages Over Ginimbi’s Death

In a rather unusual way, Zimbabweans have joined in solidarity and attacked Rolls Royce Facebook page, blaming them for the death of business man Genius Kadungure (Ginimbi) who perished in an accident on Sunday when his 2018 Rolls Royce model crushed into a Honda fit and later hit a tree.

The Rolls Royce exploded and killed three more people including two foreigners who were all burnt beyond recognition. The people in a Honda fit did not secure injuries.

Zimbabweans however expressed costernation about how a world class Rolls Royce could explode like that and killed people when it is considered one of the safest cars in the world.

No matter how hilarious most of the comments are, there are some element of truth in it, and truth be told, the death of Genius Kadungure hurt many people.

Below are some of the snippets taken from Zimbabweans’ comments on the Rolls Royce’s Facebook page:

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans have also attacked two champagne companies on their facebook pages, the popular chandon and moet that the late flamboyant Genius provided at his lavish last party in Harare on Saturday.

See the snippets below:

However after all is said and done, what  Zimbabweans and the rest of the world need to learn from this is that no matter how rich someone is, everyone is mortal. According to all who knew Genius Kadungure, he was known for his speeding even when he was drunk. It didn’t matter whether he was driving a Rolls Royce, speed and drinking and driving kills.



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