17 November- a hit or miss?

Growing up, I was like many young people, enthralled by the idea of having a new person as President of our country. The late President Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s figure had loomed large over the country for as long as I could remember. His long iron fisted ruler-ship seemed to have exasperated a lot of citizens, who couldn’t wait to see his back.

The mere thought of experiencing new leadership was like a dream that could never come though, it was something that I had dreamt of for as long as I could remember, for the only President I had known ever since my birth during the mid 90s was a larger than life Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

I remember fervently 3 years ago when the whole country joined forces, from political parties including the ruling party and opposition MDC, Civic society, students and the general populace stood united in solidarity with the sole aim of removing Mugabe from his 37 years stay in power.

My self together with thousands of other youths, marched in patriotically in the Harare CBD, fighting for the removal of Robert Mugabe from power as we all thought he was the sole cause of our economic meltdown, where the majority of youths were unemployed and the economy crumbling.

Fast forward 3years and touch Today, the 17th of November 2020, Zimbabwe marks three years since the Coup d’etat that toppled Mugabe, when the army, buoyed by huge protests by citizens, moved tankers into the streets of Harare and other major centres to toppled the longtime ruler.

Looking back now, one wonders whether Zimbabweans really got what they had hoped for. With massive inflation, high unemployment and crippling teachers’ strikes, deteriorating infrastructure and a near collapsed health delivery system, most Zimbabweans seem to be fast loosing hope in the so-called second republic.

Today, which marks 3yrs since the coup that toppled Mugabe, has seen Micro blogging site Twitter buzzing with comments of the outcome of the 17 November 2017 Coup d’etat.

Below are some of the comments:

“Zimbabwean economic & life has gone from bad to worse… those who purported to be liberators from economic mismanagement appear to be the only one’s who benefited.” Said Mandaza Douglas.

“On 17 November 2017 I called it out, it was a military coup. I was not caught up in the Mugabe ouster euphoria. Zimbabwe authorities must ensure the political neutrality & non-interference of the security forces in civilian & electoral affairs of the country.” said Dhewa Mavhinga

“17 November 2017, the day that we sold a heifer in order to buy medication for a sick donkey. Zimbabwe was cursed on this day!!!” said Scarfist (Kuvukura)

“17 November the day Zimbabweans voted for death penalty to everyone who wishes for a better Zimbabwe unknowingly.”  Sancho Chief said.

President ED Mnangagwa should deliver to the nation the proceeds of their victory. We (Zimbabweans) had so much hope when we joined forces to remove former President Mugabe and for three years, we expected something better but all Zimbabweans got was bitter taste of victory.





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