MDC MP Proposes Contraceptives For School Kids

MDC Alliance Member of Parliament, honorable Ruth Labode says she supports the idea of children between 12 & 16 years to be given contraceptives in schools since it is clear that the students are already engaging in sexual activities.

Speaking during an interview, honorable Labode said most people are also supporting the idea as they are seeing young girls walking around pregnant.

“People are supporting the idea because they live in the community, seeing girls walking around pregnant.” She said.

Honorable Labode said the cause for sexual immoralities by young children is because of hunger issues where young kids are easily lured into having sexual relations with men in exchange of food.

” I personally support this because the whole world has realised that our children because of GMOs are growing faster…

“Hunger is deadly, kids are having sex because of hunger. Once that child do it, it becomes a problem.” She said.

The honorable MP said the students should be taught to go to the clinic for contraceptives when they engage in sexual activities.

“If that child has been educated in school that once you do something like this you go to the clinic, for either a morning after or some kind of contraceptive.” She said.

Meanwhile, parents are ragging on social media concerning this issue saying the honorable MP’s views are misplaced.

Below are some of the comments from social media:

Wrong. Children are children, they should be taught to abstain and the dangers of illicit indulgence. There are also psychological effects which they’re not yet ready to handle at such a tender age.

I don’t object to provision of contraceptives BUT definitely its SHOULD NOT the first option The are other viable better strategies I wouldn’t jump to advise a 12-13 year girl to start contraceptives. “These contraceptives are steroids”

Her solution to POVERTY IN SOCIETY which exposes young vulnerable GIRLS TO SEXUAL PREDATORS is giving them CONDOMS, nothing on addressing poverty just CONDOMS TO KIDS, nxaaa no SUGGESTIONS ON SOCIAL SUPPORT, CATERING FOR THEIR NEEDS ,,, for Her CONDOMS are the solution..

Honourable Please address the root cause Why are skirting the problem.These Same teens are very much pushing to use condoms and stuff are drinking alcohol and smoking dagga in schools are you going to build beerhalls at school premises for them as well.

My goodness what is this? What about the long term effects? Why should we provide a quick fix instead of going to the route of the problem.



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