Moana’s family demands USD$5000 from the Kadungures’

THE late Michelle Moana Mimi Amuli’s feuding family reportedly handed the Kadungure family, the family of the late Socialite and Businessman Genius Ginimbi Kadungure, in whose car, Moana was burnt to death, a USD$5000 bill to cover her funeral expenses.

Fitness bunny and video vixen Moana, died on the 8th of November, being burnt beyond recognition after Genius Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce, in which they were travelling, caught fire after a head on collision with a Honda Fit, before hitting a tree last week on Sunday.

The demands comes as the late Moana’s parents continued their feud over her burial as her mother’s side insisted on her being buried at Zororo cemetary while the Amuli’s, lead by her father, demanded that she be buried in Domboshava and according to Islamic culture.

Michelle’s paternal side of the family are Moslems, and want her buried according to Moslem burial customs.

Kadungure family members joined other mourners who spent the better part of yesterday at Doves Funeral Parlour as Moana’s paternal and maternal families were locked in a closed-door meeting over the collection her remains and where they will be laid to rest.


Darlington Kadungure, who is the spokesperson for the Kadungure family, said that they received a list from Moana’s mother.


“We are here to represent the Kadungure family and we have a list of what they expect us to settle for the burial of Moana. The list includes payment for the metal coffin they want and other things.

“We do not have enough of what they are expecting from us since the person who had the money (Ginimbi) perished in the same accident that claimed Moana”, he said.

“We met as a family and collected something we are sure they will accept since it does not add to what they expected us to pay since the person who had the money (Ginimbi) perished in the same accident that claimed Moana.


“We are sorry about the tragedy that claimed Moana, two others and our brother Genius. We still believe this mishap robbed us important people to the four families at one time,” he continued.

The friends of the late Ginimbi, grouped together as “the friends of Ginimbi” chipped in to assist in the funeral expenses by contributing USD$3000 worth of goods for Moana.

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