Tapiwa Makore’s Body Parts Not Found- ZRP

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has dismissed rumors circulating on social media about the recovery of the late 7 year old Tapiwa Makore’s body parts, saying the rumor is false and that no other body parts have been found yet.

In a press statement,  ZRP informed the public that they are conducting routine investigations on the case.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police has not recovered any skull in relation to the late Tapiwa Makore’s murder investigations. The public should take note that Police are doing routine investigations which include searches for any investigations which include searches for any evidence related to the murder case.” They said.

Tapiwa Makore, from Murewa, was brutally murdered allegedely by his uncle in an suspected case of ritual killing and the uncle, Tapiwa Makore senior, is currently in custody awaiting trial.  Suspicions are that the murder involved more people than previously thought, though new suspects have yet to be arrested.

Tapiwa’s head is yet to be found.

The police said that they will always keep the public informed on the investigations.

“Contrary to social media frenzy, no head, arms, or body parts have been recovered in the on going searches. The public will thus be kept apprised on the progress of investigations.” The police said.




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